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Regardless of where you are with your book project, our mission is to help bring your ‘work of heart’ to the world.Learn More

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Each book we publish is unique. Our covers and book interiors are all individually custom designed.Learn More

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We provide our authors with extensive distribution opportunities to get their book out to the world.Learn More

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We offer our authors initial and ongoing support in promoting and selling their book.Learn More
Why EWH?

EWH Press is a small company with a BIG VISION

We publish & promote 'works of heart' by authors who inspire others & who seek to make a difference on the planet.

Why EWH?

‘What’s Hot?

EWH Press Authors, Please Read This!
If you haven’t already done so, we invite you to contact us to schedule your initial book marketing strategy coaching session. (Learn more about the Personal Coaching included in our PROMOTE & PROSPER program.)
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Our Comprehensive Editing Services (except final Proofreading) are provided with no up-front author investment. This amounts to a substantial savings to our authors by avoiding costly professional editing charges. (Learn more about The Editing Edge program.)

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