The Fascinating World of Book Inscriptions – Part I

You are an author sitting at a table in a local bookstore signing books for people who have enjoyed your presentation and want the book they just purchased personalized by YOU. Life is good! The line in front of your table is not intimidatingly long, which gives you time to personalize each book you sign with a brief message to the individual who is buying the book. You have just chosen to do something called ‘inscribe’ the book. “OK, so what,”  you say. I don’t care what it’s called. What difference does it make whether I simply sign my name—including today’s date, maybe not—or whether I choose to take the time and energy to ‘inscribe’ it?” Well, when we were recently asked a similar question by an author and did some research on the subject, we found that there is a fascinating part of the […]

Announcing the New EWH Press Promote & Prosper Program

We are pleased to announce the recent launch of a program to support EWH Press authors—as well as other authors not published by EWH Press—in their efforts to market their book(s) and increase sales. We call this new program PROMOTE & PROSPER, and it is provided free of charge to EWH Press authors and is offered at attractive prices to other authors. The PROMOTE & PROSPER program provides authors with many valuable marketing support activities, such as: A free Book Marketing Guide eBook A personalized author page on our EWH Press website, including for example, a bio, author photo, pictures and descriptions of the author’s books, and links to connect with the author directly (e.g. personal website, Facebook, etc.) The author’s book(s), CD(s) or DVD(s) displayed and available for sale in our website’s Bookstore Receipt of our bi-monthly Newsletter (scheduled to be launched in […]

We’ve Redesigned Our Website!

We have launched our redesigned website! Take a look and don’t hesitate to provide us with any feedback you may have. We have designed and populated our website with the following objectives in mind: Highlight our authors and their books Author bio Book introduction Promotional copy Bookstore Give visitors an opportunity to connect with our authors Author website Social media Attract potential new authors who resonate with our mission of “Publishing authors who inspire.“ Clearly communicate how we do business–particularly our author-centered approach and transparent, win-win financial model. Provide essential information that an author considers when deciding who will publish his or her book, such as: our Services, our Pricing and our Contract. If you get a chance, take a look at our redesigned website, and don’t hesitate to give us […]
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So what does TGIB stand for? Answer:  Thank God for Independent Bookstores! Most independent bookstores are willing to put self-published books on their shelves, and we’re glad they are! Many of these stores are especially willing to highlight local authors (self-published or otherwise), including placing their books in a prominent space in the store and also offering booksignings for worthy books. For example, our first published book, Grab the Tiger by the Tail, by Leland W. Howe, is now on the shelves at Schuler Books in Lansing and East Lansing. Schuler’s has stores that are comparable in size (and every other way) to a typical Barnes & Noble store. Our next objective is to schedule Leland for a booksigning at one of the Schuler stores as soon as possible. Grab the Tiger by the Tail is also on the shelves at two smaller […]