At EWH Press we do not offer pre-priced publication ‘packages.’ We consider each book project to be unique, just as each author is a unique person with a special message to bring to the world.

Although we have a standard contract, the publisher services we provide (and consequently the amount of required author investment) are specifically tailored to each author and book project. In particular, the cost of designing the front and back cover and of designing and laying out the book interior cannot be determined until the book manuscript is complete and the details regarding items such as images and graphics have been determined. Therefore, a price range for these two critical services is provided in the chart below.

Paid Publication ServicesPricingIncludes:
Custom Cover + Custom Interior Design & Formatting $897 - 1497Custom-designed front & back cover with up to 3 design alternatives. Interior formatting includes standard interior elements, such as table of contents, headers/footers, subheads, simple graphical design elements. Price range accounts for differences in interior design, such as: 1) # and required editing of images; 2) # and complexity of graphics; 3) inclusion of footnotes, bibliography, glossary, index, etc.; 4) advanced graphical elements in interior design. Not included: from-scratch original image or graphic created for cover or interior (provided by separate quotation).
eReader Conversion $297Kindle + other select formats.
Proofreading $150Proofreading of formatted, ready-to-be-published manuscript by a third party to ensure the highest-possible published book.
Copyright $150If desired by author
ISBN Number$55/eachOne is needed for each version of book published (e.g. paperback, eReader)
Manuscript Set-up*$75*Printer's upfront fees; subject to change
Initial Proof Copy Of Book*$30*Printer's upfront fees; subject to change
Additional Proof Copies*$70-110$40/ea. to upload new cover and/or $40/ea. to upload new cover and/or interior files + $30 proof charge—only charged if required due to author-generated alterations. *Printer's upfront fees; subject to change
Copies Of BooksFREE5 copies of book
Editorial Review of Submitted Manuscript$147 (See NOTE at right)Review a submitted manuscript and provide written general feedback and a sample copy edit (minimum one manuscript page). NOTE: If EWH Press publishes the manuscript, you will receive a $50 rebate for this service.

Listed prices for EWH Press services are subject to change.