Dana and Shana Robinson

Dana & Shana


Dana Robinson has been on the Faculty of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies since 1986 and has taught over 600 workshops on shamanism. Shana Robinson, who holds a B.A. in Anthropology, has assisted Dana in conducting Foundation workshops for a decade.

Together Dana and Shana have co-created and now co-facilitate their Next Step workshops for those interested in additional shamanic studies. To learn more visit their website Shaman Tracks.



Shamanism & the Spirit MateMost of us would agree with authors Dana and Shana Robinson that relationships play a profoundly important role in our lives. Yet, tragically, many people today are plagued by a deep, pervasive sense of loneliness.

Shamanism & the Spirit Mate offers an ancient, time-tested ‘cure’ for this modern malaise of loneliness and disconnection. Through compelling research and engaging case studies, the authors examine numerous cultures throughout history and around the world today that acknowledge the existence of divine partners who can help address our deepest needs for relationship, love and healing.

Spirit mates do not necessarily replace or supersede any of the existing relationships in our lives. Rather, they have the potential to enrich and expand them. When cultivated through the power of the shamanic journey, our experience with a spirit mate can deepen our spiritual connections, assist us in healing practices and inspire creativity in our daily lives.

Drawing from the many shamanic workshops they have conducted around the country, the Robinsons offer probing questions, valuable activities, and journeying exercises to assist the reader in exploring and personalizing the fascinating world of the spirit mate.