Teresa Smithers LaPlanteTeresa Smithers LaPlante is a writer, poet, author, editor, reporter and spiritual activist who has learned, and continues to learn, the six lessons of love through a myriad of good and bad experiences in her life.

Having the heart and philosophy of a Theosophist, Teresa is an eternal student of life, love, and people, finding the Divine in all. As she learns, she has experienced everything from Christian fundamentalism to the occult. She sees God as a kaleidoscope–one Lifeforce that presents Itself to humanity in many different forms—each one with its own beauty, each as true as the next. She has learned that there is only one religion—love; it just wears many names. Feeling the need to spread that religion and to remove the shame that keeps not only women, but the world itself, from moving forward in that love, she wrote The Book of Eve.

A native of Michigan, USA, but a Bohemian at heart, Teresa has lived in several states, and has found love and friends in all of them. Two marriages to good men produced five amazing children and three beautiful grandsons. She currently makes her home in Southwestern Michigan next to the most beautiful lake in the world. She enjoys reading and genealogy. She loves often, laughs much, and lives well. She believes that the learning never stops.

Part of Teresa’s vision in writing The Book of Eve was to establish a dialogue with her readers. To do so, visit her blog at BookofEve.com.


The Book of EveThe Book of Eve is a beautifully-written retelling of the adventures of Adam, Eve and the serpent in the Garden is told from Eve’s perspective. Find out what (or rather, who) did the tempting and why resistance to the fruit of the Tree was all but impossible. Follow Eve in the Garden as she learns about the six lessons of love: beauty, sex, sharing, duty, jealousy and sacrifice. Feel what it was like for Adam and Eve to be thrust from their Garden paradise into a shockingly different outside world. And finally, encounter the awful, but all-to-familiar reason behind the brutal slaying of Abel by his brother Cain. The Book of Eve provides one author’s response to some of the many questions left unanswered in the brief biblical version of this famous story about humanity’s earliest days on Earth.



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