Shuler-GTTSo what does TGIB stand for?

Answer:  Thank God for Independent Bookstores!

Most independent bookstores are willing to put self-published books on their shelves, and we’re glad they are! Many of these stores are especially willing to highlight local authors (self-published or otherwise), including placing their books in a prominent space in the store and also offering booksignings for worthy books.

For example, our first published book, Grab the Tiger by the Tail, by Leland W. Howe, is now on the shelves at Schuler Books in Lansing and East Lansing. Schuler’s has stores that are comparable in size (and every other way) to a typical Barnes & Noble store. Our next objective is to schedule Leland for a booksigning at one of the Schuler stores as soon as possible.

Grab the Tiger by the Tail is also on the shelves at two smaller bookstores in the Lansing area:  Triple Goddess Bookstore in Lansing and Inner Journey Books & Gifts, in Okemos. We are just as grateful to these smaller stores. It’s certainly not all about size, especially when it comes to independent stores.