The “E“—”W“—”H” in EWH Press stands for EVOLVEWAKE-UPHEAL. Our mission at EWH Press is to work together with inspirational authors to bring their ‘work of heart’ to the world. We publish books that have the potential to make a difference on the planet—toward human evolution, awakened consciousness and holistic healing. At EWH Press, we approach each book project knowing that it will be unique, just as each author is a unique person with his or her own special life circumstances and special message to convey.

  • We see ourselves in the business of Co-Publishing, which is reflected in our collaborative, co-creative approach to publishing.
  • Our Author-Centered Approach (Tap or Click tab below) reflects our emphasis on author relationships and a highly personalized way of doing business, and
  • Our Win-Win Financial Model (Tap or Click tab below) provides attractive benefits and incentives to our authors while striving for mutual success with each ‘work of heart’ we publish and promote.

Although we fall into the ‘self-publishing’ sector of the publishing world, we prefer to call ourselves ‘co-publishers.’

Our co-publishing philosophy is reflected in every phase of each project we take on, from Create & Refine (especially with The Editing Edge program), through Design & Package, then Produce & Distribute and finally during our signature Promote & Prosper program.

We Are Looking for a Mutual ‘Fit’

We do not take on every project that comes our way. We enjoy being enthusiastic and engaged right along with our authors about what they have to say and how it will make a meaningful impact on the planet. Because, like each author, we are uniquely who we are, this means we are selective in which projects we choose to dedicate our time and energy toward. It is highly rewarding to us when one of our authors has more than one ‘work of heart’ that we can contribute toward bringing into the world.

We Both Contribute to Each Unique Project

Our authors do not simply plug into a digitized publishing process—one that, for example, might involve communication primarily by email, locked into a pre-priced package using a standard set of pre-designed templates. Each author brings unique experience and talents to a project, as do we. Our approach is to collaborate and co-create together to help our authors achieve their vision and goals.

It’s About Relationship and Co-Creation

At times the co-publishing approach may seem a bit ‘messy,’ or perhaps at times a bit slower than a more hands-off, technology-oriented mode of self-publishing. This is to be expected with a way of doing business that is more centered on relationship and co-creation. Of course, this does not mean that we don’t use the latest technology where applicable, nor does it mean we don’t have a well-defined process or that we do not take deadlines and other time commitments seriously. We do.

At EWH Press we publish and promote authors (not just books). This is reflected in every aspect of how we do business.

Getting to Know Each Other

It starts when you first contact us to discuss your book. After spending time getting to know each other, we often end up discussing any questions you may have about the sometimes confusing world of book publishing. Finally, we talk about whether EWH Press is a fit for your unique book project.


If at all possible, we enjoy meeting our authors face-to-face at least once before beginning their book project. This often occurs when we sign our contractual publishing agreement. As a book project unfolds, we also welcome the opportunity–if and when feasible–to meet with authors face-to-face, perhaps at a critical phase of the project.

Communication and Accessibility

Throughout the process of writing, editing, designing, publishing and marketing your book, we conduct numerous personalized discussions, usually by telephone or pehaps Skype. Especially during the writing/editing phase, we  make ourselves available during business hours for a phone call whenever you need to talk about a particular issue regarding your manuscript.

Focus on the Author

Our author-centered approach can be seen throughout our website, starting on our Home page in the ‘sliders’ at both the bottom and the top, and also on each author page. Our mission is to Publish Authors Who Inspire others and who seek to make a difference on the planet. We publish and promote your ‘work(s) of heart,’ including books and CDs (e.g. informational, inspirational, guided meditation) and DVDs.

At EWH Press our financial model is designed to offer high quality publishing services and book marketing support at a cost that is affordable to a broad spectrum of authors seeking to self-publish their ‘work of heart.’ Our approach is based on a ‘win-win’ philosophy, and we place a high value on transparency and full disclosure.

We offer these attractive incentives and benefits to our authors:

Our ‘Value-Added’ Services

We provide every author we publish with many important services that are ‘covered’ by the publisher royalty, rather than charging for these services as part of the author’s up front investment. In this way, both EWH Press and our authors are incentivized to make each book as successful as possible. (See Services – Value-added Services for more information)

The Great Rebate

We offer our authors a rebate of their up-front investment for select publisher services. This rebate will be issued if within two years of publication, your book sells enough copies such that accumulated publisher royalties total twice (2x) the value of the up-front investment. Publisher services that do not qualify for a rebate include those that are essentially ‘pass-through’ services, such as various printer services like set-up fees. (See The Great Rebate for more information)

The Editing Edge

Comprehensive professional editing (except for Proofreading) is included as part of our Value-added Services. (See The Editing Edge for more information)

Promote & Prosper

Our Promote & Prosper program, which is also included as part of our Value-added Services, provides our authors with ongoing support in marketing and selling their book(s). (See Promote & Prosper for more information)

Author Royalty Advantage

The author royalty on book sales is always higher than the EWH Press royalty. Initially, the standard author royalty is 60% of the net profit from each sale (excluding sales of author-purchased books), based on the sale price, which is in turn based on the sales/distribution channel that generates a book purchase.

Increasing Author Royalty Over Time

The author royalty increases over time. For the first two years after publication, the standard author royalty is 60% of net profit. In year three after publication, the author royalty increases to 65% of net profit. In year four and thereafter, the author royalty increases to 75% of net profit.

Author Gets All Printer Volume Discounts

All volume discounts (lower print costs) offered by the printer are passed through 100% to the author.

Publisher Service Costs Are Highly Competitive

Each distinct publishing service we provide is priced to be highly competitive in the market place. (See EWH Pricing for detailed information)