What is "EWH"?

The mission of EWH Press is to "publish authors who inspire."

"Inspire towards what?" you might ask. The answer is embodied in our name—EWH Press—and is also incorporated symbolically into the various logo images seen throughout this web site.

The Letters

As you can see in the image to the right, the letters E, W and H stand for: Evolve*, Wake up and Heal. Presented in deep humility, these three words/phrases are best understood as an inspirational call or invitation, addressed to each one of us as humans living on this beautiful planet in this wondrous, mysterious cosmos. This call or invitation is toward human evolution, awakened consciousness and holistic healing.

GREEN - The color green represents the heart, which is the source of compassion and love. Ultimately, it is love and compassion that Heal.

*NOTE: Hidden in the last four letters of "Evolve" is "Love."