Each book we publish is unique. We do not use templates. We enjoy collaborating with our authors to develop attractive, engaging book covers and professional, reader-friendly book interiors that support and enhance the message and purpose of the book.

Custom Cover

Our authors often come to us with cover ideas, photos, or illustrations/graphics for their book. We welcome such author input, and we enjoy taking these ideas and providing our own suggestions and creative options to end up with a unique book achieved through collaboration and co-creation. For each book, we present the author with 3-5 custom-designed cover concepts and interior design proposals from which to choose.

Uniquely-Designed Book Interior

We have a Standard price for providing a Custom Interior & Cover Design. This price will usually apply to a novel or memoir, and to many non-fiction books, as well—it includes a limited number of images, such as photos or non-customized graphics. Our Premium price range applies, for example, to books of poetry with illustrations, or children’s books and non-fiction books that include customized interior layout elements, such as illustrations, extensive graphics, endnotes, a bibliography, an index, etc. The cost of Custom Interior and Cover Design also includes the complete layout of the book, which involves converting the manuscript from Microsoft Word to a publishable format.

Promotional Graphics

The original and unique design graphics that are created for the book cover and interior are available for use by the author for various marketing purposes; for example, if the author chooses to purchase marketing materials, such as book markers, posters, or post cards.

Promotional Copy

For each book we publish, we collaborate with the author to create promotional copy that is used for a variety of purposes, such as on the back cover of the book, on our EWH Press website, on the author’s website (if he/she has one), and for press releases.

Professional Photography

We offer professional photography services at a highly affordable cost to our authors who would like to have photos taken, either to enhance their book or for promotional purposes as part of their book marketing strategy.