We provide our signature PROMOTE & PROSPER program to all the authors we publish to help them promote and sell their ‘work(s) of heart.’ The PROMOTE & PROSPER program includes many valuable Marketing Support Activities and a unique Personal Coaching program (Click tab below).

We also offer our authors various Paid Promotional Services (Click tab below) at a highly competitive cost.

Book Marketing Guide eBook

You will receive a copy of EWH Press’s Book Marketing Guide eBook, which includes many high-powered marketing strategies and activities, both ‘traditional’ and on-line.

Personal Page on EWH Press Website

Your personal page on our website includes, for example: 1) your photo, 2) a bio, 3) promotional description of your book(s), CD(s) or DVD(s), 4) ways to connect with you on-line (e.g. website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Promotion via Social Media

We promote our authors and their books on social media sites, such as Facebook.

What Is The Cost?

Free of Charge to EWH Press authors

This highly personalized coaching program is designed to help you develop and execute a unique marketing strategy to reach a specific target market in order to maximize book, CD or DVD sales and generate profits from those sales. It includes:

  • A copy of EWH Press’s Book Marketing Guide
  • Research by EWH Press staff on your other books in your genre, your target market, potential selling channels, etc.
  • An initial 1.5-2 hour marketing strategy meeting to identify your target market and select specific marketing activities to generate profitable sales
  • Three 30-45 minute follow-up meetings to assess the effectiveness and results of current marketing activities and develop new activities

What Is The Cost?

Free of Charge to EWH Press authors

Author/Book Website

We will create a unique website that will be your on-line presence to promote your books, CDs, or DVDs. (See Promotional Services)

Printed Promotional Materials

We will create and print promotional materials, such as posters, book marks and post cards that can be used for a variety of marketing purposes. (See Promotional Services)

What Is The Cost?

See Services and EWH Pricing for more information.